Я работал с Яной более 10 месяцев в украинском порту ТИС. Это всегда мотивирует и развивает, когда работаешь плечом к плечу с такими профессионалами, нацеленными на результат. Несмотря на то, что Яна отвечала за управление персоналом, Яна постоянно удивляла своим глубоким опытом в таких областях, как финансы, закупки, продажи и даже решение технологических проблем. Я очень рад, что мне выпал шанс поработать с Яной, потому что она удивительный профессионал и великодушный человек.
Nikita Grubov
Group CFO at TIS Group of Terminals
Я рекомендую Яну как крутого профессионала и хорошего человека. Я был бы рад иметь такого блестящего HR специалиста в моей управленческой команде. Если кому-то нужна дополнительная информация - пожалуйста, свяжитесь со мной без каких-либо колебаний.
Vadym Aristov
Experienced Executive | Agri MBA | Member of CGPA
Яна - профессионал в своей области. Лидер, за которым вы хотите следовать и выполнять различные сложные задачи.
Iryna Baranova
HR manager – Samsung Healthcare Ukraine
I worked with Eugene as his adviser, and then as a member of the supervisory board of Corum for five years. Of all the CEOs I worked with in a dozen countries, only a few had such a clear strategic vision as Eugene. He has a clear idea of ​​where Corum should go in order to succeed, and he structured the organization and, more importantly, created a team that manages this big ship through the “yey of the storm” that Ukraine is now in. I deeply respect Eugene - regardless of the future, he is among those few Ukrainian CEOs whom I trust in any business, in the East or in the West.
Robert Schaus
CEO at Presta-Gaz S.A.
Eugene is an outstanding CEO! He is incredibly smart, motivates and inspires to grow as a Leader! He has a great and successful experience of effective transformations in large companies (5000+), a very system manager! Eugene knows how to see the "big picture", a great strategist! He is a very strong leader, a talented team mentor! A CEO who understands the importance of developing talent in a company and knows how to do it in the best possible way. He develops the team very well, can give the employee the right tasks at the right time. He sets and achieves ambitious goals. Very active, productive and loyal. I am proud to have experience with this Leader! Eugene makes the impossible possible!
Denis Shemyakin
Director of the Reform Support Team - Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
Eugene naturally combines attention to detail and depth with strategic thinking and foresight. He always takes a systematic approach. He has a successful experience working under pressure and in an aggressive environment. Eugene has established himself as an anti-crisis manager and leader in business transformation. And I personally experienced his skills as a mentor and people-centered approach.
Sergey Detyuk
Executive Board Member and CIO Metinvest, CEO at Metinvest Digital
Inessa and I worked on a project on setting up from the grounds a managing company of an agro-holding AGRICOM. Inessa became a "tuning-fork" of corporate culture. She developed and implemented a number of successful strategic initiatives aimed at the total redesign of the culture and the whole basis of interaction of personnel inside the holding. The methods she applied towards improving the compensation were very technical and productive. The system she has created provided tremendous support for the projects on improving the organizational performance and productivity. The implemented processes of recruiting and adaptation of the key personnel allowed the holding to acquire the best experts. I highly recommend her as an experienced HR Director capable of effectively setting up and maintening the development of the key talents of the company
Vladimir Velichko
ex-Director of Strategy for Agricom Group. Partner, co-owner of "Balkin & Velychko"
Together with Inessa, we worked on a project where one of the objectives was assembling a team able to work in a communal structure as if they had worked for themselves. In a small team of 150 people, we rotated close to 20%. As a result, during the next several years we successfully implemented about 15 medium and large projects. Inessa joined our team when we have been working for 1 year with "Incom" on implementing a program "Boss-kadrovik" (automation of hr-processes) in "Kyiv Metropoliten." Her main objective was to engage the employees of the enterprise into its implementation. She managed to build: cross-department interactions, a programm and process of training for the successful implementation of the automation. I recommend Inessa as an expert capable of putting her hands into fulfilling an hr-strategy at its every level in accordance to business strategy
Max Yakover
Managing Partner, General Director of Unit.City
I’ve known Inessa from two sides as a friend but also as a goal-oriented person. While working with Inessa, I've met a solid team player capable of successfully organizing tasks. She is able to lead a project through out an established plan step by step. Her actions lead to the ultimate, desired, results. She was very effective throughout our collaboration
Nikolay Oseyko
HR Center Managing Partner