Executive search is not a simple task. It is crucial to acquire and successfully integrate an Expert and a Manager; that they are compatible with the corporate culture and values player of the key team in a company. A candidate who would be capable of adding value at a certain stage of the business life cycle.

We are experts in solving this task.

Examples of successfully closed positions:

GM, CEO, COO, CMO, CCO, CFO, HRD, CIO, Head of Supply Chain, Head of Legal Department, Head of e-commerce etc



Due to our own successful managerial experience in large companies, we hear and deeply understand the real needs of our Clients


To improve the speed and quality of our services, we use targeted search technology. Our vast business network in various professional areas, gives us a clear understanding: WHOM the Client needs, WHERE to find the candidate, and HOW to elicit interest in the Company's proposal


We do not limit ourselves with standard recruitment assessment instruments and gathering recommendations from the market. For a better assessment of Hard Skills we engage only the best in the field practical experts


Our core result is Client satisfaction. We never limit our business relations by a project of filling a position. We apply our expertise for the long term support of our clients and candidates

We provide

Executive Search




Middle management
and unique
professionals search

Stages of work with a Client:

1.Introductory meeting with a Client

Result: the need is identified and a strategy for talent search is selected

2. Market analysis

Result: potential candidates are selected

3. Interviewing the candidates

Result: compatibility of the candidates and the Client’s needs is identified

4.Organizing meetings between the candidates and the employer


Result: the Client has chosen the candidate

5.Support during the negotiation stage


Result: the chosen candidate has started work

6.Follow-up with the candidate and his/her manager during the adaptation period

Result: the new employee is integrated into the business